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Samuel Thomas Nichols

Thank you so much for stopping by my developing website. My name is Samuel Thomas Nichols, although everyone who knows me calls me Sam, except for that one person who always called me Thomas because the name Sam apparently had some bad memories associated with it. I have done many things in my life but I am now concentrating on my writing, which is something I have always seemed to have done. I was in the first grade when I wrote my first poem in the epic tradition and have never really stopped writing since. In my business career I have been an Accounting Services Manager, a Corporate Vice-president, and a Senior Computer Systems Consultant and during such must have written several million words of Technical Writing but my first love has always been Story.

I recently released my first novel entitled Shelly’s Dream, which my wife says I should tell people that although it starts out a little racy it really is a sweet love story that made her cry several times. Shelly’s Dream was very much a labor of love for me and I owe it to her that I had the opportunity to complete it, as well as, Pictures in the Sand, The Seventh Stage, and Eyes Stark Open. I am currently working on what I hope is the final draft of another novel that I am also very attached to.

I was born in Oklahoma City on August 21, 1954 and when I was only a couple of months old my father uprooted his family of four and we spent the next few years drifting from state to state until a misunderstanding back in Oklahoma was cleared and my father’s picture was removed from the Post Office walls. We settled at the south end of the Santa Monica Bay where I was educated, graduated from high school a year early, had some misadventures, and finally enrolled in college where I majored first in Philosophy, then Anthropology, and then Business Administration. After many years I returned to school once again for personal enrichment and then to earn my credentials for Vocational and Adult education. I currently teach part time and that leaves me time for doing what I love, writing and composing.

I play the piano, can pick the guitar, and write technically proficient compositions, that I personally cannot perform, but have been performed in concert by professional musicians at our local community college.

I am married to the love of my life, have four children and six grandchildren, and currently reside in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains. My wife and I have been longtime campers and hikers and truly love the great outdoors.

I have been a member now for several years of the Inland Empire Branch of the California Writer’s Club that meets monthly at the Ovitt Family Library in Ontario, California and I highly encourage any local aspiring writer’s to consider becoming part of our club, meet some interesting people, and make some new friends.

On my website you will find my blog, several of my my stories, some of my poetry, some of my compositions, and some of my songs.

Again, thank you so much for stopping by my growing website.

Samuel Thomas Nichols

My Email: samuelthomasnichols@gmail.com

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