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Time Travel

Last night I went time traveling and I didn’t even need a Tardis. I awakened in August of 1971 inside that old familiar roller skating rink in Santa Ana. Mozart was playing, the lights were low and strobing, I was skating backwards, and sweet blue-eyed Jennie was smiling at me as we sashayed around the rink holding tight to one another. Round and around we danced on white rented roller skates, content to glide slowly and evenly, disdaining speed, and allowing ourselves to be immersed within the simple symphony of youth.

When I was young and love apart
I drove into the night
I stopped to skate with old Mozart
And stepped into her light
She touched my hand and then my heart
And held my fingers tight

And then Jennie kissed me
She took me by the hand
She gave me love I’d never known
She helped me be a man

We rode our ponies through the hills
And out along the shore
Rolled in the sand and had some thrills
Enjoying native lore
Bounced off breakers and took some spills
While learning to explore

And then Jennie kissed me
She took me by the hand
She gave me love I’d never known
She helped me be a man

While empty seashells tumbled
And the winter slowly stumbled
I watched her footprints wash away
And smiled through the salty spray

And remembered
Back when Jennie kissed me
And took me by the hand
She’d given love I’d never known
She helped me be a man

Umm, I remember
I will always remember
When Jennie kissed me

May all your time travels be as sweet.

Tempus Fugit, Mors Venit

Back in the Fall of 2012 the professor for the songwriting and composition class I was taking at the local community college assigned the class the challenge of writing a set of lyrics that involved time. I usually don’t have too much difficulty deciding on a theme but with this particular task I was lost. That is, until the morning of September 27th when I noticed two things in particular in the Sun newspaper: Randy Bachman was turning 69, and Andy Williams died. There were other birthdays and passings but these two were of particular significance to me. For someone of my generation the “Guess Who” was a significant musical influence and growing up with the Andy Williams’ Show (remember the Osmond Brothers?) was a real treat. Well, those two events were all the inspiration I needed to compose the following set of lyrics and turn them in that afternoon.

Thursday morning Sun was in my eyes
With some tears that didn’t fall
Andy Williams died, tempus fugit
And some years cry foully pall

Moon River wider than a lifetime
Where do I begin to tell you when
Your lover has gone with Autumn Leaves
And that old summer sound of music

Thursday morning Sun was in my eyes
With some fears that didn’t stall
Randy Bachman plied as mors venit
Sixty-nine, Oh, Happy Day

That woman gonna mess-up my mind
She ain’t a gonna share any land
New mother nature falling behind
She ain’t a hanging on to your life

Time is a thief, a prankster at best
He steals your innocence and says you’ve been blessed
He kills every dream you’ve ever confessed
And battles each quest until you’re finally at rest
Down in the ground where the worms squirm around

Thursday mourning Sun was in my eyes
Thursday mourning sun will soon be gone
Tempus fugit, mors venit
Time flees, Death advances