Minimal Twelve

Minimal Twelve is an atonal marriage of minimalism and 12-tone techniques composed for solo piano. It was written for a concert given at Crafton Hills College, which I was unfortunately unable to attend although friends in attendance said the composition was well received. Also, unfortunately, I asked for a recording of the live performance but was not provided with one. This is a recording produced by Finale 2012 and normalized using Audacity.

Rules of the Game:

1: Start with a tri-tone scale giving each tone approximately equal weight so that no tone appears dominant.
2: After a time enter a fourth-tone.
3: After a time enter a fifth-tone.
4: With the sixth and subsequent tones drop the beginning tone and add the new on thereby maintaining a pentatonic scale.
5: When the pentatonic scale contains all three original notes drop the beginning tone and repeat leaving the original tri-tone mode.
6: Rhythmic duration of notes may vary.
7: Chords may contain only two-notes.
8: Left-hand part may only contain tones that are either a half step higher or lower than the current mode.

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