Storm is not a musical composition but rather a retelling of the events of the morning of August 6, 1945 when three B-29 bombers took off from the North Field airbase on Tinian in the Northern Mariana Islands. The three planes included the Enola Gay, The Great Artiste, and a nameless bomber later called Necessary Evil. An air raid warning was sounded as a fourth B-29 called Straight Flush flew over Hiroshima on a weather reconnaissance mission at 7:31 am, and after reporting clear weather, turned out to sea. After seeing the bomber leave an all clear was sounded which brought the citizens of Hiroshima out and back about their daily business on that fateful Monday morning even as Colonel Tibbits handed control of the Enola Gay to his bombardier. The blast killed 80,000 or more instantly and injured no less than another 70,000. In the days that followed perhaps another 100,000 more citizens of Hiroshama perished.

Three days later, on the morning of Thursday, August 9, 1945, the carnage was visited upon the town of Nagasaki even as the Japanese High Command was meeting in contemplation of the terms of surrender.

The music is Kimigayo, the Japanese National Anthem.

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