Two Worlds Gone

Two Worlds Gone is a composition for violin, cello, and piano that is loosely based on the classical sonata form in that it contains the requisite introduction, development, and recapitulation parts. The introduction acquaints the listener with the major themes and tonalities that will be explored throughout the work. The development section consists of two contrasting explorations of ethnic melodies and rhythms. In the first half of the development the composer imagines himself as a young man who is a native of the great American plains prior to the European invasion. In it he awakens to greet a new and beautiful morning, his love, and the wind as it caresses the golden grasslands. During the course of the day he will participate in a hunt and before the concluding homage to evening he will entertain two Christian themes juxtaposed with the traditional – including a Ghost Dance that is reminiscent of the late 1800’s. The second portion of the development explores the melodies and rhythms similar to those used by the Gypsy musicians of Eastern Europe, including those of Hungary and Romania. Here the composer imagines himself as a young woman in the spring of 1944 when dark forces patrolled the Carpathian highlands in search of the final solution. As such, the young woman awakens to a dawn of enthusiastic anticipation only to find that the day becomes one of terror, panicked flight, and finally hopeful optimism. The concluding recapitulation modifies the original themes and ends with the triumphant rebirth into a new and promising world.

Two Worlds Gone was premiered at Crafton Hills College on December 8, 2011, at which this live recording was made. Because this is a live recording you will hear the occasional page turns and other artifacts of a live performance.

Mine was the last composition performed on the Concert Program and when it concluded it was awarded with a standing ovation and I was humbled and overjoyed that my first publicly performed composition was so warmly received.

This posting of Two Worlds Gone contains twenty-four short thematic explorations, as follows:

01 – Introduction
02 – Plains Aubade
03 – My Love Calls
04 – Call Of The Wind
05 – Buffalo Hunt
06 – Death Song Of A Wounded Sparrow
07 – Ghost Dance
08 – Nocturne
09 – Transition
10 – Gypsy Aubade
11 – Gypsy Waltz
12 – Ravaged
13 – Csardas
14 – Raven Mourning Its Dead Mate
15 – Carpathian Thunder
16 – Scanning The Horizon
17 – Finding A New Home
18 – Carpathian Slow Dance
19 – Settling In (To A New Way Of Life)
20 – Bridge To The Recapitulation
21 – Copulation
22 – Insemination
23 – Gestation
24 – Parturition

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