Where did you come from you cannibal of youth, you sycophant of vitality?
Where were you hiding you eater of toads, you lecherous leech of life?

Were you sheltered in the shadows between the death and the resurrection?
Were you stalking when my loins ruled my thoughts of Spring – and dreams?

Did you swoop from the darkness and sink your fangs into my unclad chest?
Did you vampire away the essence that was me while I mared the night?

I have bungled and stumbled upon the villain.

I have encountered the keen equalizer that cuts bone from the souls of man
Then fuses their remains with bolts borne from the Valley of Hinnom
By the ripples and currents that count the passageways from dust to dust.

I stand as Goliath, powerless before the pebble that flies true to my demise,
I am frozen, weak upon the orb that flowered and blossomed into the way of all
Who slither, scurry, swim, soar, sway, float, run, walk, tumble, and crawl.

I see the Omega looming larger then the Alpha, shrinking on the backward horizon,
Soon to be lost to the vultures and buzzards that consume from the inside out and
Preserve the wrinkled carcass for the last uttered breath of divine spirit.

The way of all flesh is a truth left by the way of all youth.
The way of all youth is a truth learned by the way of all flesh.

This Poem was first published in the September 2013 issue of Fresh Ink, the journal of the California Writers Club, Inland Empire Branch. It marks the occasion of my sixtieth birthday.

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