A Novel Approach

The following poem was first published in the November 2012 issue of Fresh Ink, the journal of the California Writers Club, Inland Empire Branch.

Harvest a lifetime of fertile dream
Mix in a bushel of autumn-ripe lies
Simmer in the sun and steep with care
Until they ferment, pungent and rare

Brew in secret or watch it wither
In the words of spoilers unkindly dumb
Hoeing crooked furrows in reedy rushes, and
Hiding dull stars in barbed-wire cages
Behind the links of iron-webbed sieves
Where seeds are cracked and eaten raw

Stain with charcoal red-black and cold
Fired inside of broken hearts and minds, and
Tinted by fevers leeched from vessels grey

Paint with fingers cruel and bold
The birth and death of legends folded
Under skeins of hollow truths; twisted and
Tied and left to dry in fallow fields of
Innocence – lost, and empty drained

A snow-white sheet of paper, soiled, by
Five sovereigns casting censored spells
Is the scent of saffron tears, unshed.

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