How To Mend A Broken Heart

Select one boy, bruised and ripened, thrown by love at seventeen
Blend in slowly his best friend’s girlfriend’s single best friend
Add one double-date dinner, Cattleman’s, Redondo Beach Pier
Separate and stand together the broken boy and the one sweet girl
Season with cool Pacific breezes flowing off Monica’s Sainted Bay
Store separately overnight, then reunite in the Saturday morning sun
Swirl them in a Carnival, the parking lot, St. John Chrysostom Church
Twirl the Ferris Wheel until it snaps, slowly sway in a stranded car
Fold in a child’s scream, a mother’s fear, a dash of panic, and some terror too
Mold together in tender embrace, the frightened girl, the cautious boy,
Then, on highest car, seal the union with Love’s first kiss, and treasure an
Inglewood memory from All Fools Day, nineteen hundred and seventy-two

This Recipe Poem was first published in the May 2013 issue of Fresh Ink, the journal of the California Writers Club, Inland Empire Branch.

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