Second Grade Romance

Red hair and Freckles
Long white skirts and high pink socks
Stole the heart of a boy
In Mrs. Peffley’s Second Grade Class
Two, two, it’s as lonely as one

Recesses and lunch breaks
Two hands hidden on the playground
Where the heart of a boy
Was given for the love of a girl
Love, love, what is it good for

After school walking her home
School books and smiles
Warmed the soul of a boy
Skimming over the cracks in the sidewalk
Care, care, don’t break your mother’s back

Lonely long summer
Labor Day after longing
Broke the heart of a boy
When she vanished with the coming of fall
Ashes to ashes we all fall down

Rebecca and me
A sweet girl and a boy
Shared the length of one school year
And left a memory in the life of a man
Life, life, it’s really all we have, anyway

This Poem was first published in the April 2014 issue of Fresh Ink, the journal of the California Writers Club, Inland Empire Branch.

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