Summer in the Park

She stepped out of the darkness with a
Smile that split my mind into pieces askew
“Did you know,” she asked, “that Jesus loves you?”
I nodded, one of those, and closer still she came
“Did you also know,” she added, “I love you too?”

Some kind of freak, I thought to myself,
I’ve never seen you before this sun going down.

“It’s because I’ve watched you,” she explained,
“Broke and alone, giving service to others with the
Grace of a good guy.”

“It’s because your smile’s sweet,” she touched me,
“Your face is okay, your eyes aren’t too blue, and I
Want to stay this summer with you.”

She hooked me by the heart and led me too her tent
She hummed a sacred theme answered soft by a bark
From within their green canvas abode.

We talked about Jesus and we talked about life
We talked about mourning and we talked about love
We talked after midnight and then slept until dawn
Boiling and churning within nightmares and dreams
Crushed by the weight of false hopes and deigned prayers
Buried beneath the soft weathered slopes of despair.

Together we learned, together we yearned
Together we bartered, together we panned
Worked in some kitchens, washed a few cars
Too young for the clubs, too young for the bars
Too free to crawl home, too broke to ride free

That day became many, our moon became three
Phasing and phrasing our days on the streets
And our nights in the park on the hill by the bay.

Summers end with a simile in September
Gone with the morning drizzle and school
And one boy on a motorcycle will never forget
How he smiled a summer and then understood
How the one brown rectangle
That waved in the grass

Her farewell from the park on the hill by the bay

Perhaps some loves should never have been
Perhaps some loves should never be had

Perhaps One Love should answer it all

This Poem was first published in the September 2013 issue of Fresh Ink, the journal of the California Writers Club, Inland Empire Branch.

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