What If?

As a member of the California Writer’s Club we often have creative writing sessions at our monthly meetings. At the meeting before last our group’s president gave us a writing prompt which resulted in this poem that was published in the June issue of FreshInk.

What if we closed our worldwide military bases?
Would so many people no longer hate us?

What if we shared equally in our natural resources?
Would we spend all our days in peaceful discourses?

What if all human beings were treated with dignity?
Would we end the ego’s impetus to disagree?

What if we no longer had reasons to be afraid?
Would we all then be proud of the lives we made?

What if all of us and all of them were simply we?
Would everyone finally get to just be?

What if we weren’t so addicted to fossil energy?
Would we finally look forward to global synergy?

What if we treated the addict with love and compassion?
Would that end the construction of too many prisons?

What if we renewed, reused, recycled, and repaired?
Would we end our Mother’s (our Earth’s) despair?

What if we believed that all were equal in the celestial hierarchy?
Would that end the reign of the incestial squirearchy?

What if decried globalization and heinous politicing?
Would it end sexual exploitation and human trafficking?

What if we cared?

What if we shared?

What if we dared?

What if we?

What if?

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