Their Father’s Day

Their Father’s Day was written at the request of my daughter-in-law Ariane in honor of her husband (and my son) Patrick. It was a labor of love on my behalf and brought me together with some good friends to make it happen.
While I am the composer and lyricist for the piece the song would never have seen the light of day without the vocal renderings of my dear friend Natalie Candelaria, as well as, the recording studio and guitar work of my friend Mike Finn of the band Southbound and Company. Yours truly is responsible for the piano track.
When I first began writing this song Ariane was pregnant with her second child, which they believed was to be a boy and so I was writing the lyrics based on their two children being a girl and a boy. Along the way they discovered nope, it’s another girl and so I backtracked a little and adapted it to the new circumstances.
Here are they lyrics …

Do you remember when it was you fell in love with me?
Do you remember how it was you said the word was we?
We had a little freedom and we had some special times

(Section A)
We spoke of circles lurking and of the days behind us
We dreamt of magic hiding between the lost tomorrows
And cast a hopeful image onto the bonds that held us
(On 3rd Time To Bridge A)

But then a storm came whirling
And our world was spinning backwards
And over upside down
And before I saw it thrashing
And before I heard it crashing
You fell in love with her

Before her first smile, before her first grin
Before her first guile, before her first win
She had you smiling cartwheels
She had you babbling tall tales

Emerald Elephants and Tangerine Tigers
Cross-eyed Hippos and Frogs without ears
Curious Carousels and furious go-rounds
Dancing Parrots with Frankincense Plumes
And then
(To Section A)

Enchanted Elphenfolk and Twittering Wizards
Cautious Ogres and Trolls in the dark
Luminous Cottages and animals that sing
Bean Stalks, Porridge, and magical looms
And then
(To Section A)

(Bridge A – Instrumental)

(Section B)
They’ll wear your heart in a silver locket
And take you with them wherever they go
They’ll wear your strength like a gentle child
And make us proud with whatever they do
Under a rising star
Over a blacklit sea
They’ll share the warmth of a stolen sunbeam
And hold tomorrow like a cloudless day
They’ll taste the spice in a ruptured orange
And make us proud with whatever they do
Under a rising star
Over a blacklit sea

(Bridge B – Instrumental)

Tonight we’ll pray a happy dream
And bless it with the angel’s kiss
Who watches over daddy’s girls
On this, their Father’s Day


Be sure to check out Natalie Candalaria’s compositions on SoundCloud and YouTube.

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