Shelly’s Dream

Shelly's Dream - Cover - 50


Shelly Pearson was secretly in love with and wanted more from her best friend. But, he was married and she was shy, and so nothing happened until one day she discovered a courageous risk-taking side of herself that she had never before known. Enabled by her newfound strength she pursued him and found his love. She was at the zenith of her young life until she discovered that the very thing, which gave her the greatest joy, was also the beginning of her worst nightmare.


I am proud to announce that my novel Shelly’s Dream will be available the first of October. It has been a long yet satisfying journey. I am using CreateSpace as the publisher and the novel will be available from the CreateSpace Store as well as from Amazon. Information on Shelly’s Dream, as well as my other novels, is available on my website at:

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