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Collective Consciousness

The other day I wrote about the idea that we are composed of many selves, which reminded me of my state of mind a dozen years ago.  A good friend of mine, who goes by the name of Swallow, often sat in the St. Francis Garden, or worked in the gardens, of the church we attended and spoke of many things.  Now Swallow had been a chemist for many years that had become disheartened with his Industry.  I was a Senior Systems Developer working on a contract for a major aerospace (i.e. war) firm, which was diametric to my pacifist ideology.  As a result we spent many peaceful hours discussing nature, spirituality, purpose, love, and the teachings of the wise ones that came before and from those that sought to have their voices heard above the confusion and rhetoric of those promoting their own agendas.

After a time Swallow invited me to attend the A Course in Miracles class with him that he attended on Saturday mornings.  I resisted at first and ultimately accompanied him to the meetings and found a group of kind, intelligent, people seeking spiritual enlightenment on a peaceful, loving, path that appealed to their personal aspirations.  Many of these people became great teachers of mine in spite of the fact that I wasn’t necessarily buying into the messages of the Course.  However, that group of people was open, caring, assuring, and I found myself sharing a secret that I’d kept from everyone, which was that I was plagued by a multitude of voices echoing in my head.  The voices were so numerous in fact that I could not single in on any one of them.  In a sense, it was rather maddening.

I’m not sure now if it was Swallow, or Sally, or Troy, or Lloyd, or Jerrie who looked at me with a smile on their face and asked:  “Did you ever ask them to be quiet?”

I hadn’t.  I had simply assumed that I was a receptacle for that Collective Consciousness that I’d remembered from my Behavioral Science courses at Cal State, but I took the advice and immediately ceased to hear the voices.  Now in A Course in Miracles they say a true miracle is a change in perception and that day more than twelve years ago I had a change in perception and if you think about it from that perspective we are invited to enjoy miracles every single day.  Whenever we learn something that causes us to see the world just a little differently, or see another person a little more equal and a part of us, or even see ourselves in a higher light.

Is there a Collective Consciousness as Carl Jung and others postulated?  I’m sure I will never know the complete truth, but one truth I do accept is that we are all connected, some others would even go so far as to say we are all one.  Whatever the truth is I think Kahlil Gibran was pointing to it in his parable of the Pomegranate, which I referred to the other day.

So, in it’s entirety from The Madman, the parable of the Pomegranate

The Pomegranate

By Kahlil Gibran

Once when I was living in the heart of a pomegranate, I heard a seed saying, “Someday I shall become a tree, and the wind will sing in my branches, and the sun will dance on my leaves, and I shall be strong and beautiful through all the seasons.”

Then another seed spoke and said, “When I was as young as you, I too held such views; but now that I can weigh and measure things, I see that my hopes were vain.”

And a third seed spoke also, “I see in us nothing that promises so great a future.”

And a fourth said, “But what a mockery our life would be, without a greater future!”

Said a fifth, “Why dispute what we shall be, when we know not even what we are.”

But a sixth replied, “Whatever we are, that we shall continue to be.”

And a seventh said, “I have such a clear idea how everything will be, but I cannot put it into words.”

Then an eighth spoke — and a ninth — and a tenth — and then many — until all were speaking, and I could distinguish nothing for the many voices.

And so I moved that very day into the heart of a quince, where the seeds are few and almost silent.

So when the voices become too overwhelming treat yourself to a miracle and move into the heart of a quince.