On this Thanksgiving Day of 2015 my wife and I shared a traditional Thanksgiving dinner that I had wanted to prepare even though we were to share it as a couple, without the presence of family. Our oldest daughter worked Thanksgiving Day. Our oldest son lives in Arizona with his wife and their two pre-school age daughters. Our youngest son lives in Colorado and our youngest daughter is at the Colorado River sharing the holiday with her boyfriend’s family.

As it was only the two of us I roasted a turkey breast rather than the entire turkey. The meal also included mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, peas, corn bread dressing, whole berry cranberry sauce, and of course black olives. As a special treat I opened a reserved bottle of my favorite wine (Bordeaux) from my favorite country (France).

During the meal my wife listed a number of things that she is thankful for and I agreed with all of them but in the back of my mind I could not release the headlines from the news over the past several months. There are many things that prey upon my mind this Thanksgiving Day including our crazy Presidential Race full of rhetoric that is anti-Mexican, anti-Muslim, and anti-this, and anti-that. It almost seems that the same kind of thinking that interred the Japanese in the 1940’s is about to be repeated for the Muslim population. I certainly hope not. Remember Rodney King? Remember People … can we all get along? It sure doesn’t seem like it.

Our children are all doing okay, which is more than can be said of so many millions of children around our ever shrinking planet. With the wars and civil unrest that continue in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and God knows how many other ‘Stans, how are our species children going to be okay? In my country the powers to be talk about all of these conflicts as being the result of differences in ideologies, religious beliefs, or other off the mark reasons when, as Howard Zinn reported with such clarity, that all of these wars and conflicts are about economics and have always been so.

Too many people about this globe have been minimalized, marginalized, exploited, enslaved, subjugated, and otherwise mistreated. Is it all that difficult to understand that they simply want to be okay as well?

Our Republican front-runner is, from the viewpoint of this open-minded student of anthropology, in the least egomaniacal, in the most insane. The Democratic front-runner has always seemed to be Janus to me. The only candidate that seems to really care about people, all people, is Bernie Sanders and I wish him luck in his campaign, but American’s have a long-standing record of voting for their enemies. He’s a Socialist they say. I’ve heard some call him a Communist thereby invoking Tail Gunner Joe’s hysterias and those horrid Southeast Asian occupations. Well, I understand Bernie allies with the Democratic Socialist wing of the Democratic Party; the same wing of the Democratic Party that I belong to, and the same wing of the Democratic Party that many other good people, like Martin Luther King, Jr., belonged to.

There is so much to be thankful for and so much more that we could be thankful for if all of us everywhere could just get along, share, and help each other to walk through this world with dignity and compassion.

Therefore, on this Thanksgiving Day of 2015, I would like to wish this One Planet Under God a very happy Thanksgiving and pray that everyone, everywhere, would soon be okay.

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